Sunday, January 25, 2015

AmerikaMura, Osaka Japan

The wall painting was created in 1983 by Mr. Seitaro Kuroda, a local artist who is originally from Osaka, Minami (South Osaka).
Inside Mitsuhachimangu Shrine
Curl & Clarence having some Father & Son Moment

Our adventure started after I came out of the shopping complex, Big Step Shoes Nike Kicks on the streets , Fashion finds, and everything else!. First I spotted many human-like street lamps in different poses. Then, I spotted the mural painting on the wall, Peace on Earth.Then I arrived at the small concrete park, Sankaku-koen. I saw a group of youngsters japanese and Black american everywhere,  Moving further on, I spotted the mini Statue of Liberty, at the top of New American Plaza. The people in the area weren't that interesting unfortunately,  No crazy out there fashions or really unique vibes really being pushed. I will say it's a bit better in the evening  I'm Guessing , than  during the day, but in neither case was it bustling with people..This place is worth a visit to see the outrageous styles and people around the area... We also passed by the small SHrine called
Mitsuhachimangu around the place..

Amerikamura  or AMEMURA is fun to visit, to look for young people with creative and unique fashion, to observe entertaining buildings and purchase unique goods from a wide variety of stores.

Also at night, Amemura is famous for the vibrant night life and entertainment district. Bars and clubs in the district are always crowded with people who work in the area, musicians, designers, and aspiring dancers.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Stargate Hotel Kansai Airport #teamjarlegaofficialvaca2015

Me & my son Curl at the Kansai International  Airport,
Touchdown- Japan and we check in 
Stargate Hotel Kansai Airport,  in Rinku, Town Station, a train ride from Kansai Airport. (one stopped) 
All rooms are WIFI .
they have bus shuttle service to airport , near Rinku Outlet shopping Area, walking distance from mall & train Station. 

STAR GATE HOTEL KANSAI AIRPORT / 1 Rinkuoraikita,Izumisano-city,Osaka 598-8511,Japan
        And  Good Night!! Excited to wake up & explore Osaka, Japan 

                                         January 8, 2015  Manila  to Kanzai, Airport Japan 
       Stargate Hotel Kanzai Airport
Day 1 #teamjarlegaofficialvaca2015

Stayed in Stargate hotel for a week, then transfer to Hashima,Gifu  & Nagano Ken  for next remaining  week . Our  2 weeks adventure in the land of Rising sun is amazing , photoblog coming up next, 
Our adventure & beauty of Japan we been to..
How I wish , I can live in Japan..