Sunday, May 24, 2015

White Long Dress

My weekend ,  just spend with family , as mother & wife...:)  Right now,  I'm so happy to share that I got a collaboration invite in this blog.   OH Yes! seriously flattered! that this blog  which supposed to be my online style diary & my source of Happiness , in sharing my thoughts, lifestyle, fashion, being mother, & anything  I am passionate about is reaching people who is interested to collaborate with me & also through this blog I was given an oppurtunity to meet clients for STYLING & Design .. 
  Thank you very much!  who  appreciated & even reached me out to tell that, I am inspiration to them. Seriously AMAZING!. Again ,  Thank You so Much! 
I am looking forward to share what's my blog will go. For now I am beyond happy & much appreciated...


 |white Dress- by your's | Hat-  Forever21 |Aviator- Rayban|

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Unwind : Terrasaz de Punta Fuego

“The best way to truly unwind is to really understand what works for you,” “Some people unwind with a vigorous run and others by sitting on the couch and watching a TV show.” Simple trial and error will help you find the best strategies for you. Just remember not to judge yourself for whatever you choose. “Own it, use it, and unwind. This the way I love when feeling exhausted, We gravitate toward activities that drain us even more. Or we think we don’t deserve to take a break, so we ignore our body’s whispers for rest. I love beach , nature , scene, and sunset for this I am definitely, recharging & relaxing, Hope this is just my life forever hahaha,  But sooner later It will go back to real life,even just for a while it made happy & recharged... 
here,I'm sharing some relax time the way I wanted ... enjoy:0 
                               |  Perfectly NO Filter in this Gourgeous View |

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

White Rock Subic

Whiterock Beach Hotel + Waterpark in Subic Manila's most all-around and accessible seaside retreat: short travel time and long list of activities and amenities for everyone to enjoy.

White Rock offers:
 a vast range of activities; wavepools, waterslides, waterfalls, playpools, activity pools, island hopping, banca rides, ball games, beach games, to billiards and bowling, KTVs, karaoke, to jogging trails or work-out in our Fitness Center or enjoy a relaxing holistic massage by our trained massage therapists. Better yet, beat the heat by enjoying the crisp waters of the beach or watching the Subic Bay Sunset from our new Beachpoint Bar/Resto view deck. Indeed, a unforgettable get-away experience that will make Whiterock your regular vacation destination.

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preview on my next post : )

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