Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Boracay Day2 Adventure

Are you heading to Boracay ?   for that much-awaited beach holiday, but you have no idea what to wear. You’ve absorbed what the glossies say about what to wear to the beach. You’re on your way to a shopping spree, imagining yourself in the flashiest resort wear of the season. But you wonder, is there a fashion dress code that’s specific to Boracay Island?

1. Go easy on make-up, cover-ups, and accessories. You’ll be on the sand or the water all day anyway, so there’s probably no need to add anything fancy to your bikini ensemble like accessories or jewelry that will feel hot or leave unsightly tan lines on your skin. Just lather on the sunscreen, bring along a lightweight but multi-purpose sarong, and you’re good to go. Confidently dress for comfort, and you’ll find yourself exuding the natural glow of an unburdened style queen on a tropical island vacation.
As evening approaches, you may switch to breezy lounge wear. We’ve seen women walking around in the evening still in their two-piece, clutching a leather handbag and wearing smoky eye make-up. Dress appropriately: cover up a bit so you won’t shiver as the temperature drops. Dress to party, but with flat footwear instead of heels.
On the subject of heeled footwear: We’ve also seen so many women wobbling their way to a boat in their stilettos. And isn’t it perfectly common sense tonot wear heels on the beach? Yet women in high heels have attempted to walk on the beach in Boracay, and on finding out that the white sand is so fine that even bare feet sink into it, they ended up either stuffing their shoes in their huge tote bags or unglamorously carrying them, if someone else (like a boyfriend) is not carrying it for them. If you really can’t let go of heels, wear low wedges instead. But flip flops and flat sandals are the footwear of choice in Boracay.
For the men, there’s absolutely no need to wear shoes anywhere on the island, unless you don’t mind the discomfort of sand constantly getting into your top-siders. Just wear flip flops or open-toed sandals.
2. Go eco-chic as much as you can. Think organic products and charming locally produced fabrics and accessories. Wear a smile and swing to the relaxed, nature-inspired Boracay island vibe.
                                                                  xoxo, enjoy :) 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Boracay Garden RESORT

        We stayed in this hotel for  second time , both peak season .The Hotel it self Spacious and clean rooms, good location, about 2 minutes walk to the beach front, swimming pools are big and not crowded, great breakfast spread, although much improvement is needed for the dinner buffet, efficient and friendly staff, transfer from kalibo to boracay was very smooth and efficient.
 Overall, good value for money. We spend Php 20,000 for 3 nights & 4 days good for 3 person. All good &  pretty good stay. We picked this hotel because it was close to restaurants, bar, mall and beach. It was close enough to these venues but far enough that it was quiet at night. 

Henann Garden Resort (formerly Boracay Garden Resort) is centrally located in Station 2, Boracay Island, Philippines. The resort has direct private access to the 3.5 kilometer white beach.
Henann Garden is 1-2 minutes walk to white beach, 5 minutes walk to D'mall. It is the sister-resort of Boracay Regency and Regency Lagoon.
Boracay Garden Resort features Kai Regency Spa, swimming pools, fitness centre, KTV and mini shop. Other conveniences include concierge, currency exchange, business centre, baggage storage and daily housekeeping service. Airport transfer is also available for an added charge.

Henann Garden Resort, Boracay Rooms

Deluxe Room
Deluxe Room offers one queen size bed and one single bed. Room amenities are Cable Television, Spacious Bathroom with Bathtub, Coffee and Tea making facilities, In-room Safe, Personal Refrigerator. Extra bed is chargeable. 

Additional buffet breakfast request is charged at Php359.90 net for adults and Php179.95 net for kids.
Premier room
Premier room offers one queen size bed and one single bed. Room amenities are Cable Television, Spacious Bathroom with Bathtub, Coffee and Tea making facilities, In-room safe, Personal Refrigerator. Extra bed and extra breakfast is chargeable. 

Additional buffet breakfast request is charged at Php359.90 net for adults and Php179.95 net for kids.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Boracay Summer 2015

I  really can't express my feelings at this time for this kind of views. You probably amaze it, no one can ignore that kinds of sunsets. I used to think sometimes is this what God really created for us?. Oh yes! and so if ever you will have a trip in Boracay? just dont forget to take a picture.
I've been to Boracay for so many times & I promise to keep coming back. I just love Boracay,  yes I Did :) One of the  prettiest beach in PH.. I can't wait to explore Palawan, never been there But hopefully I can visit soon..

keep posted on beach post coming up next 


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

8 Kind Of friend You Need

These folks have got your back - No matter what the situation,

1. A CONFIDANTE - there are somethings you don't tell just anybody- even that best friend you've had since grade school. A confidante is someone who has your complete trust and will not judge you for whatever deep  dark secret you tell her.
2. A LISTENER - Girls love to rant. Sometimes , you can talk for hours going around in circle with the same topic, never coming a resolution- you don't really want an answer to your question, you want to vent. A good listener won't interrupt you between sentences and will empathize with your stories no matter how long-winded.
3. AN HONEST FRIEND - She can annoy you with her candid way of truth telling , but push comes to shove, her courage to tell you what don't want to hear but need to is reassuring. Everyone needs a friend who can help keep things real , even when the trust stings.
4. A CHEERLEADER - this friend give you much needed pep talk every time you're a. feeling uber insecure, b.down in dumps, c. needing an ego boost, or d. all of the above.
Whether its your bff a guy friend, or even teacher you're really close to you, you need someone who can offer you solid support. 
5. A BIG SISTER FIGURE - When you need advise from someone with the bigger life experienced than you- on anything from boys to fashion, to school. you'll need those precious pearls of wisdom form a big sister who's been through it  all before.
6. AN INSPIRATION - So maybe you'll never meet that celeb crush but  just having him smile at you ( yes you) from your phone wall paper enough to keep you going through anything.
7. A MENTOR - You're bent on that dream college course , but are totally overwhelmed by it. A mentor can help  you guide through difficult decision, inspire you through the mistakes you make , and hold your hand when you feel like you have no idea what you're getting yourself into.
8. AN OPPOSITE- You're shy and conservative: she Fab & flirty, You're homebody: she moves around the party circuit. Having a friend from opposite end spectrum can show you sides of your self you never knew existed- and influence you to ultimately become a richer , more interesting, more layered person.

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