Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pinto Art Museum

          Hi little Andie girl :) A friend daughter who's patiently waiting for us.. How Cute is her outfit...
                      hello Dianne & Bal , 
                     hello son, Curl ... 
 My hubby is lounging :) 
 Quick refreshment, but we waited so long for food & pizza....  FAILED... 

Pinto Art Museum is a surprise after a surprise after a surprise. You'd be amazed in how huge and marvelous this place is. They have outdoor and indoor pieces for viewing. Sculptures, paintings and installations situated on a wide space of a relaxing garden where you can even dine courtesy of Cafe Tanaw. Then entrance fee costs Php 150 per person,  I have enjoyed so much my time here. The architecture set-up of the museum, the paintings and the art creations can give anyone a sense of artistry feeling. Surprisingly the place is quite large. I don't know much about art but everything there is so amazing and jaw dropping. Better to take a guided tour, there are stories behind each creations. At least 2 hrs is needed to tour them museum..

And this would be the best place to see Contemporary Philippine Art, this museum is perched on a mountain that provides some of the best views of Manila. But that's just half the story, it's probably the best private collection on display of Philippine art. The galleries are airy and spacious in a Spanish colonial pueblo style that snakes beautifully around the property. 
Thank You for wonderful tour:) but need to improve the Restaurant service...

But over all , we had a great experienced..


the hautefashionista...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Winterwonderland : Snowland ; Iida shi, Japan

Curl tried the snow ski :) 

  Our last leg of our Japan trip,  was taken at IidaShi, Nagano Ken Japan. On our 12th day in Japan , We travelled from Hashima, Gifu going to Iidashi about 3 hours then stay in Hotel for a night , then travelled 30 mins going to Snowland. It was Glad that our relatives in Japan was able to accompany us in this WinterWonderland place,nether less we can't make it, since there's no public transportation going in mountain. This   was a breathtaking experienced we had during our 2 weeks vacation.    It was indeed memorable one.   Since , our first ever snow encountered , which obviously never will happen in Philippines.

#TeamJarlegaOfficialVaca2015 is our hashtag on Ig :) I  uploaded photos / video during this trip.