Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sea Spring, Anilao Batanggas

Sea's Spring is a magnificent health resort. It has hot pools and a natural sauna. Food is a bit expensive since the portions are good for 3 persons. The beach is rocky and not really for swimming. The place is really a dive resort but the hot springs makes it a thorough experience. 
Spend 2 days here . The view was very nice but not really a beach to lay on you can't swim on the beach I was sad then for diving Only.. But the view is perfect ...  They have a number of salt water pools and a few water slides for kids into them. They have spa pool .  The staff were all very friendly, hotel is Okey, but I am expecting for more, The Food is so expensive so if your planning to go here bring your food, Not practical for a family or bulk/group.
The breakfast buffet was a disappointment, honestly haha.. 
The dinner buffet was eatable but not great..

Overall it was a pleasant stay, and is a relaxing respite from the city.

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